Duplicate File Manager v2.1 - Help

Duplicate files are a real pain in the neck. They accumulate on your hard drive with you none the wiser, waste disk space and make you confused when you can't tell which is which. Worse still, they can slow down your computer and make tasks like disk defrag and virus scans take ages. This is why deleting duplicate files, while a little time consuming,  is a must. 

This software if offered for evaluation - to be able to delete the duplicate files it finds - you must be a registered user.


  • gives the option to scan the complete drive or a selected folder for duplicate files
  • gives the option to search for any file type or all (*.*)
  • gives the option to search for a specific file name (i.e. my_sound.mp3)
  • after the scan is completed - it shows any duplicate files in the color red - this lets you determine them easily
  • if the software is registered - gives you the option to select (check) any duplicate files you want to delete - deletes any selected via a click


  • it is advisable to empty the recycle bin before doing a scan (if you are scanning the complete drive)
  • the delete function does not place the deleted files into the recycle bin - they will be gone - so be very careful what you tell the software to do!
  • it is advisable to scan individual folders instead of the complete drive - if that'll do what you need it to
  • if you are going to scan a complete drive (that contains many files) - it would be advisable to do so at night or at a time you can afford to let the software run for several hours - this will take awhile!
  • you should disable any screen saver or power saver while running this software for a long time to assure it is not compromised
  • it is very dangerous to delete any files within the 'Windows' or 'Program Files' folders - even if they are duplicates they may be needed as support files for software applications
  • BE VERY CAREFUL DELETING FILES FROM YOUR SYSTEM! 'Code-it Software Solutions' can not/ will not be responsible for your actions.