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DTs Picture Thing:  organize all those snapshots you've taken on your cell phone

This version v1.7 was released 12.27.2016 - please upgrade if you have v1.3 installed!

A common task, for most anyone with a 'smart phone' , is how to get all those pictures off your cell  and how to organize them after doing so. Most of us know how to transfer them off our cell to a PC (or a flash drive, or to burn to a CD-R) but what about the task of renaming all them so that the file name makes sense. Sure we could do this one at a time but how time consuming is that - want to do it is a matter of seconds? That's what this Windows software app will do for you!

The results (took under 30 seconds from start to finish)...

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Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64-bit compatible). Guaranteed no virus, trojans, adware, spyware or any other intrusive code embedded

Tip: This software can be placed on a thumb or any other type drive (even a CD) to run as a "portable app" - does not require installing to the systems hard drive. 

  • YOU GET...

  • this (as well as the other apps listed here) on DVD for free (as in free beer) - you pay only for the media and postage fee to deliver to your doorstep.

  • guaranteed no virus, trojans, adware, spyware or any other intrusive code embedded.

  • no cost version updates for the life of the software (with the recent revisions implemented - estimated to be 2025).

  • license to install/ use on as many personal systems as desired.

  • fast, personal support directly from the guy that wrote the code.

  • our deep appreciation for supporting our efforts!

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