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Text Speakster II: a time tested 'text to Speech/ audio recorder.

THIS IS THE SETUP FILES DIGITAL SIGNATURE - assuring that it has not been tampered with and is supplied from the author - Code-it Software...

Here's how to check MD-5 value (Windows)...

We call this app 'Text Speakster II' - but you could easily call it:

  • Time Shifter - cuz you can use it to convert text (i.e. the Wins clipboard content of a web page you copied, etc...) to audio format then transfer it to your cell-phone to listen to later - taking advantage of 'dead time'.

  • Audio Study Aid - use to convert notes to audio then use as an audio study source. Listen to your notes several times before taking a test for instance.

  • Language Teacher - want to learn English (or most any language) as a second language, by not only seeing the text being spoken but to also hear the "spoken word". i.e. select an English (or other) text-to-speech engine, load English (or other) text into the text field then have it spoken by clicking the "Play" button.

  • Audio Lecture or Speech Producer - use to covert your lecture from text 2 audio then publish it on the iNet to share with others. 

  • Audio eBook Maker - create Audio eBooks - take advantage of the Project Gutenberg which offers a huge array of free text (and HTML) formatted e-books. Record these free books to audio format then burn on an audio CD-R (or transfer to your cell phone) for your listening pleasure any where, any time.

  • Presentation Reviewer - review your presentations via the "spoken word". Have you ever noticed how you can write something that looks correct but when spoken it just comes out wrong? Input your text into the application then click the PLAY button to hear it spoken! 

  • Audio Watermarker Maker - use to create your audio watermark then mix within your files being offered for sale (or review) on the iNet. 

  • Dyslexia or Vision Problem Helper - use to convert text to the spoken word: there could be many applications you might find helpful depending on the end user or circumstance.

Just some of the features:

  • Will detect and list any and all text 2 speech engines installed on your system. This includes the older SAPI4 as well as the newer SAPI5 type engines/ voices.

  • Option to use any installed text 2 speech engine/ voice.

  • Option to set the file format to most any audio file (converted from text to audio) saved.

  • Option to set the Audio Sample Rate of any audio file (converted from text to audio) saved.

  • Option to set the speed rate, pitch and volume of speech output.

  • Converts text to audio without creation of any temp files - encodes on the fly.

  • Includes all normal editing abilities (cut, copy, paste, select all, etc.)

  • Option to play (text 2 speech) the loaded text file to determine if any editing is needed before converting to audio.

  • Option to "speak" only the selected portion of the text. This saves you time by only hearing/ reviewing the section of text you are working on instead of the complete text field content.

  • Option to either load a text file into the application, merely input the text or paste the Windows clipboard content you want to convert to audio - into the text field.

  • Get any of the supported FREE text 2 speech engines directly from Microsoft or our text 2 speech support page. The software will recognize any of these installed voices/ engines which makes them free to use within the software! (i.e. install the Spanish engine then input a text file or text that uses Spanish as the language - convert the Spanish text to audio, etc...)

  • Note: every Windows system has at least one text-2-speech engine installed as default but there are many more you can install to expand the performance of this app.

 Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64-bit compatible). Guaranteed no virus, trojans, adware, spyware or any other intrusive code embedded.

  • YOU GET...

  • this (as well as the other apps listed here) on DVD for free (as in free beer) - you pay only for the media and postage fee to deliver to your doorstep.

  • guaranteed no virus, trojans, adware, spyware or any other intrusive code embedded.

  • no cost version updates for the life of the software (with the recent revisions implemented - estimated to be 2025).

  • license to install/ use on as many personal systems as desired.

  • fast, personal support directly from the guy that wrote the code.

  • our deep appreciation for supporting our efforts!

This site does NOT use Google or any other Site Analyer to capture or track your data. 

We respect your PRIVACY & FREEDOM.

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